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Christmas holidays and the importance of gifts

‘Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way…

O what a fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh!’

Yes, these are the lines that make the faces glow and the smile appears on the face of everyone, no matter what the age is! We all know that the Santa is on the way to shower us with the gifts and enrich our lives with happiness. We may wonder at times about the capacity of Santa’s bag but that should not be a matter of concern for us.


The tradition is a long one with the Magi giving gifts to the baby Jesus. But, ‘why Christmas gifts and what is the importance of such gifts?’ is deeply embedded in the history. To be clear, the Christmas gifts are the face of the spirit of giving & sharing and in the essence of which lies the expression of love, care and bondage.

Santa is just a fictitious medium and is never a truth but, at times the lies are better than the truths, especially when the lie can bring you happiness and smile.

Whether it was primal and old-age Christmas or whether it is the era of consumerism, the importance of Christmas gifts will never decrease. This is because of the feeling of togetherness and the love & the sense of brotherhood, which are now almost the extinct species on the earth’s surface.

Santa Claus and his red bag of gifts is a carrier of relationship that builds when the nature offers its serene and tranquil snow covered lap to us so that, we can shred off our pain and anguish and find a new meaning of life.

These small gifts (may be a cigar or a photo frame or may be a box of candies) are not of high material value but they have the glitter of the celestial love that adds a new meaning to our lives. They give us the vigor to start from the beginning and will all the lost battles! May be we are destined to win every battle!


Christmas holidays are therefore very meaningful only when they are accompanied with the gifts from the white bearded Santa (Wish it was true!). The sweet sound of the bells and the sound of a horse-driven sleigh is a sweet melody in the middle of this black and white mechanical world!


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