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Christmas Holidays to Japan and Malaysia

Japan and Malaysia ; These two destinations are attracting popularity for spending Christmas vacations.


Christmas is the time of celebration and merrymaking. Christmas in Japan is celebrated very uniquely. If you have never visited Japan before during Christmas, then you must try it this year. Visiting Japan, when Christmas is around has become very popular among the visitors. More and more people are attracted towards Japan’s unique style of celebrating Christmas.


On the Christmas Eve, Japanese celebrate Christmas by having Christmas cakes. Lately, this eve has become special for lovers who spend the night with each other, enjoying and celebrating Christmas in restaurants and fancy hotels.
 Now if you are wondering about the attractions in Japan, then you need not worry about that. Japan has a vast array of tourist destinations and various attractions that you can enjoy this Christmas.


An ideal Christmas vacation destination in Japan is in Gifu. This city has a capability to engrave itself into a corner of your heart. You can imagine its beauty. In Gifu the most famous tourist spot is Gifu Park which contains many museums. The other reason for the popularity of this city is that it is within a close vicinity of other tourist attracting spots. Gifu Park’s lush green vegetation along with descent showering waterfalls and clear and tranquil pond make the scene worth picturing. This beautiful view is very charming and attractive.
Another Japanese city Sendai, is worth visiting. This city is a very unique blend of calm nature and modern technology. Sendai has been given the name of “City of Trees” because of the lush greenery that it offers. You can enjoy Christmas shopping in Sendai shopping malls such as Sun Mall Ichibancho, Marble Road Ornachi.
Malaysia is one of the most spectacular and wealthiest countries offering a great diversity in cultures and scenic beauty which is mesmerizing and at the same time is breath taking. Malaysia has been the most famous tourist attracting destinations in Far East Asia. This city is covered with tall sky-scrapers and dozens of brilliant and admirable tourist destinations.
Spending Christmas in Malaysia, is one of the best ways to enjoy this Christmas in a historic manner. Tourist arriving in Malaysia during Christmas vacations must visit some of the most famous attraction of the city.
One should not skip to visit Malacca during Christmas. This Malaysian city shows a great cultural combination of Portuguese, Chinese, British and Dutch culture. Christmas in this city is celebrated very traditionally. One can take part in the activities being held in the city. Also this city displays hugs colonial buildings that were constructed by Britishers and a few colossal building constructed under Dutch rule.
Visitors can also enjoy their vacations by viewing various other modern landmarks and destinations including:
Petronas Twin Tower
National museum
Kuala Lumpur Tower 
Central market
Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, the very ancient existing Malaysian Temple
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque and
Sunway Lagoon Theme park and many more.
Visiting Malaysia this Christmas, you will definitely have an excellent and admirable vacation.


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