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The Arctic Circle is one of the five major latitudinal locations on the globe.  It is also the latitude furthest from the Equator.  The Arctic Circle boasts both the polar day (24 hours of sunlit day, often referred to as the "midnight sun") and its opposite, the polar night (24 hours of sunless night). Due to its frigid conditions, very few people actually live above the Arctic Circle.  In recent times, it has gained international attention due to global warming conditions that are threatening our magnificent environment.

There are guided tours in the Arctic Circle and they all bear unique and fascinating experiences.  One of the tours is called The Arctic Explorer Tour.  It is offered from May to September and cruises around Prudhoe Bay.  The cruise lasts for 3 days.  It is necessary to take air flight from Fairbanks in order to reach Prudhoe Bay.  The twin engine plane accommodates only 19 passengers. Some of the extraordinary activities include visits to the Yukon River for lunch, Bakers Knob for photographs of the Trans Alaskan Pipeline and to Finger Mountain to learn how the country was formed by lava outcroppings. 



If you intend to visit the Arctic Circle in Finland, Europe you may wind up in Lapland.  Some unique features of Lapland include the Sami culture of people, regular sightings of reindeer and gorgeous mountain ranges.  

Many people think “snow” when they think of the Arctic, yet much of the land is actually tundra, frozen ground comprised mostly of rock, black soil and shrubs that flourish in harsh conditions.  If you go during the winter season, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling are some of the regular daily activities you can partake of. During spring and summer, hiking, whale sighting, canoeing, camping and fishing are usually high on the list.


Interact with the indigenous people there if you can.  Frequently they offer workshops on weaving, artwork including painting and sculpture, weaving and even cooking seal and cormorant dishes.  Keep in mind however it is a great insult not to clean your plate of Arctic fare! If you’re lucky, you may even find yourself invited to a native ceremony of dance and food around a huge bonfire!

So long as you are adventurous during your expedition to the Arctic Circle you will never be bored.  The activities are endless and all offer wonderful and educational opportunities for folk of all ages.

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