Cheap Christmas Getaways

Cheap Christmas Holiday Deals 2009 - New Year Holiday Packages

Cheap Christmas Getaways

Lately it would seem that more and more people are uprooting themselves in order to enjoy the Christmas holidays.  If you happen to have a decent savings account to dip into there isn’t a financial reason in the world why you can’t make Christmas an enjoyable celebration in another locale.  Even if you are blessed with a decent Christmas budget it’s always smart to look for discounted travel packages so you can save a buck or two.  That way, you have even more money in your wallet for spending on souvenirs and tourist attractions while you’re away.

The Last Minute Club is exclusive to Canadian travelers and it offers fabulous, literally “last minute” deals for people who want to get away but can’t afford to pay full price for a vacation.  The club can send you virtually anywhere in the world with up to 40% off a vacation package.  Of course you won’t be traveling first class or coach but for a deal of that sort, who can complain? 

These packages include everything a full-priced vacation would include: a full resort if that’s where you’re headed, a free continental breakfast, hotels with pools and often with beachfront locations. 

You may even find cheap rental cars through the Club before you leave Canada.  The only drawback is that you have little or no choice as to your destination.  You might have hoped for the Bahamas for instance, but you must settle for say, Cuba.  It’s one of the downsides of discounted travel.

For travel within Canada consider West Jet Airlines.  Surprisingly, they aim to mark down their flights during the holidays in order to attract more fliers at this time of year. And they can afford to do it with the thousands of people investing in domestic travel in order to be with family during the holidays. 

Some cheaper international deals are only possible if you can book at least two weeks in advance.  Ideally, you might want to try and not book until then since last minute cancellations from and within the United States take place mostly around this time of year. 

Again, you might not have much choice where you spend your Christmas holidays if a sunny, hot vacation is your intention.  Since discounted packages are often significantly cheaper than the full Monty your choice of destination will be obviously limited. 

For travel outside or inside of Canada it’s always smart to establish an ongoing professional relationship with a single travel agent.  Repeat business ensures that that person will do their honest best to find you a cheap travel package whenever you need it. Nothing like a regular customer to define outstanding service!

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