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Christmas holiday is a long awaited event of the year and when it comes, the magic is the trailing event. Think of the earth covered with snow and the tress standing in somber silence wearing the coat of snow. The light glowing out of the windows and the fire dancing on the unknown tune of silence and the serene & calm atmosphere is probably what you will cherish most with your family and spend some time together.


The mischievous 13 Christmas lads (known as the Josalveinar) come down from the hills to commit some notorious mischief in the middle of the towns and the villages. Leave a shoe hanging on the window and you may find a small gift inside it (it is just the other face of the Santa-one among those 13 lads).

A riot of the various colors and the sounds of the bells and the prayers mark the heart of the festival and not far, the New Year’s Eve has another surprise in the store. With choirs and concerts adorning every corner of the street, the stress of the busy life is washed away.

You will find a new dimension being added to the monotonous life of the earthly blacks! Christmas holiday marks that awaited new beginning of the life.


The breathtaking magical atmosphere is there to give you what you want. Visit Reykjavik with your family and spend the most memorable Christmas holiday of your life. The warmth of the glowing lights in the middle of the snow covered streets give the mystic feel to the soul.

With the gear set up for the exotic night life, you can mark the Christmas holiday with some of the world class dinning. The exceptional menus from the top quality production of Iceland makes the holiday outing with your family, the most cherished and happening event of your life.

You may never get a better chance to share your thoughts with your family and show them the care and love.


With some planned excursions and traditional meal, the Reykjavik has much more to offer at this majestic time of the year. If time permits you may not like to miss out the visit to the beautiful and mesmerizing Lake Lyvatn region.


You are cordially invited into the lap of beauty and paradise just to make your Christmas holiday a piece of most cherished memory.


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