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Doesn’t Lapland sound like a festive fairytale?  Such a lovely name and it happens to have a remote and exotic location.  In spite of its ethereal moniker, there really is a Lapland and it is located above the Arctic Circle.  Yes, you read that right, above the Arctic Circle.  personally I didn’t know it was possible to travel any further North than the Arctic Circle but then again I never was a geography expert.

As soon as I think Arctic North I picture the northernmost geography of Canada, most likely because I live in Canada.  Yet that is not where Lapland is located.  It is actually the northernmost province in Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

Away back during the Middle Ages Lapland was better known as No-Man’s Land.  Very few people lived there with the exception of Normadic Sami people. These people are indigenous to northern Europe and their ancestral lands spans an area the size of Sweden, but located entirely in the Nordic regions.  Today, Sweden, Norway and Finland are hard at work building up the Sami culture via cultural institutions and encouragement to continue the use of Sami language.
Now back to a Lapland Christmas!  Should you venture to Lapland for the holidays, it boasts several national parks worth visiting.  Abisko, Muddus, Sarek and Stora Sjofallet are among many of the gorgeous parks in this unique country.  Abisko is actually a village and a national park.  Close to the Norwegian border, it is approximately 195 km north of the Arctic Circle.  Yes, north of the Arctic Circle.  Yet surprisingly it is not snow-covered all year round.  Abisko, Lapland actually has a warming season a lot like a North American spring.  The gorgeous green tundra emerges after many months of winter, and it is lightly covered by sparkling permafrost.  Mind you, during the Christmas season snow-covered hills and snow-capped mountains are the only landscape you will see in all of Lapland.

Vacationers can expect to visit the type of bearded, jolly Santa Claus we in North America are used to seeing in shopping plazas except families get to visit Santa in “his” log cabin home, rather than in a busy shopping center.  Rides in wooden sleighs, hot drinks made of Arctic berries, scavenger hunts for reindeer tracks and sumptuous Lapland cuisine are among many of the treats in store for your family in Lapland this Christmas.

Learning a new cultural heritage and a different way of celebrating Santa’s arrival are Christmas gifts not soon forgotten from a Lapland holiday!

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