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Christmas in Lovely Lapland

Lapland is a unique and gorgeous province of Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is approximately 195 km north of the Arctic Circle. Finland in fact is known in northern Europe as the home of Santa Claus. Children are taught that Santa Claus lives on a fell (treeless mountain) called Ear Mountain (Korvatunturi ) because his reindeer do not have enough food to live on at the North Pole. So much for American tradition!  In Finland reindeer are very common animals, much like deer and moose in North America.  Lapland in fact is a nature lover’s dream!

The northern lights are a typical sight. Foxes, swans and wood grouse are common animals. The spruce tree is common in Lapland. Wild cloudberry and Arctic bramble are highly valued berries and often are consumed in hot drinks during Christmas time.

Christmas Kakslauttanen :the Hotel & Igloo Village in Lapland, even offers tourists the chance to stay in a glass igloo rather than a hotel! You can relax and see the northern lights from your own bed. The igloos are like any hotel room, very warm and with a motored bed. There are also snow and ice igloos for those who prefer roughing it, cottages and log cabins. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a real igloo is cold however. When heated with a heart or a fire, as is the traditional Aboriginal practice, an igloo is as hot and stifling as sitting beside a roaring fire in a tiny living room.
A hole is cut into the ceiling in order to allow smoke and heat to rise out of the igloo and prevent it from melting. It also provides a little air circulation.

Lapland is home to the Normadic Sami people. These people are indigenous to northern Europe and their ancestral lands spans an area the size of Sweden, but located in the Nordic regions. Once a suppressed culture, Finland, Norway and Sweden are now trying to encourage Sami culture in the way of financial contributions to Sami cultural and educational institutions.


A Lapland Christmas is an incredible experience and a delightful way to spend your holidays. Each year the Finnish Santa receives approximately 700,000 letters from countries around the world. There is even a main office for Santa Claus so that Santa and his helpers can attempt to answer as many letters as possible! Over the years millions of children’s letters have reached Santa’s office and this practice shows no signs of slowing down. No wonder Finland is called Santa Claus country.

A Christmas vacation in Lapland itself is a gift not soon forgotten. If you travel anywhere for Christmas this year, consider placing Lapland at the top of your list.

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