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Monotony is today the shadow of life. The daily routine comprises of waking up in the morning and hurrying through the day’s clean up and then starts the earning of livelihood. At the end of the day when you come back home, you may not even feel like dragging yourself to the dining table, leave aside decoration of the closet where you live.

Dull and monotonous life tries to rejuvenate with footsteps of Christmas approaching the door. A new flush of life and enthusiasm seems to flow through the veins and you may feel like a vagabond in search of a little peace and harmony of body, mind and soul.

Believe it or not, surroundings do have an impact on your mental status. A clean and beautifully decorated house can help to reduce the pain, stress and anguish. Especially when it is the Christmas standing at the corner, the need may become stronger.

A lovely Christmas holiday has yet another aspect i.e. decoration of your house. A well decorated house with candle lights and fire place is the best option that can give your withered soul the required thrust. Above all, it is the festival to celebrate the birth of Christ and you have every reason to decorate your house for the Christmas holiday. Make sure that the decoration is tasteful (even if you are not trying to compete with your neighbors).


The essence of the Christmas holiday is to give time to your family members and the friends. Sit back at your home and spend some time with family and friends while you are also decorating your house. This feeling of togetherness can open up the path of endless love which Jesus Christ preached.

Do not let your Christmas holiday getting converted to a clash of money and status (if it becomes, you are back in the monotonous life) but instead it is all about love and happiness. Do not let that element skip your heart beat.

There are many ways to decorate the house. Revive the family traditions and work out the themes that your family loves. By doing so, you are actually spending more time with your family and showing your love and care for them.

Instead of going for expensive shelved gifts, it is worthy to come up with homemade gifts which add that extra love in everything you do.The world may be tough but the love and relationships are not, unless you wish to make them difficult! Cover your dreams. They are precious.


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