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You heard the advertising slogan on commercials during the holiday season and I love love to hear it!  There is no reason to give expensive gifts when it is not within your budget.  Low cost lovely items are easy to get and you can even create gifts by applying a little imagination.  Consider the following places where you can get gifts:

(1)   Ebay – The greatest online auctioneer is Ebay.  It’s definitely a good move to buy items that are expensive and new.  You may even buy a used item that is great in shape and within your budget.

(2)   Dollar Store – Don’t cringe on one marketing option.  There are  many cost effective gifts you can get for children.  Dolls, trucks, toys, gift bags and gift wrap are cheap and these items make a decent Christmas gift.

(3)   Second Hand Furniture Stores – You can even find furniture that are new and have not been used very often. if you get furniture in low costs then you can get an impressive gift.


(4)   Second Hand Children’s Clothing StoresOnce Upon a Child is a good store and it has a website like most retailers nowadays from where you can get children clothing and other items.

(5) – Used clothes of high quality ,for all ages and genders can be bought from this website.  This store is interesting because you can buy items based on their weight by bulk rather than individual prices, a terrific way to buy several gifts for several friends and relatives at once.

(6)   IKEA – IKEA make many of their furnitures from pressed wood  and people on a budget can’t always afford to be selective in getting a product from IKEA. These furnitures are expertly made. 

Examples of items are - a wall cabinet with the unique addition of a writing board on the front by Forhoja, retailing at $24.99. Another beautiful quality item is a child’s toy storage box by APA retailing at $17.99.  It’s got a white finish with pine borders and is suitable for both a boy’s and a girl’s room.

(7)   Sears Catalogue Shopping – Sometimes you can find good clothing deals at Sears but usually you have to use their catalogue to find them.  Items in the actual stores are usually marked up considerably and besides, it’s more convenient to stay at home and flip through a catalogue to do your shopping rather than to elbow your way through the Christmas crowd.

New or used, Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive and can still provide a lovely holiday season for you and yours.

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