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Not everyone wants to rush away to sunny climates for a Christmas vacation.  In fact, if you happen to hail from a hot locale you may wish to head into the snow and cold.  Most people with a snowy Christmas vacation in mind usually head to the slopes for some fun downhill skiing.  Or, you may be a nature lover who prefers to take in gorgeous landscape while you you’re your leisurely way across acres of snow.

Whatever your preference, Christmas ski vacations can be lots of fun and there are plenty of locations around the world to choose from when hitting the slopes is your style.

North America boasts a number of gorgeous mountain ski locations on both the western and eastern coasts.

(1)   The Rocky Mountains – This mountain range stretches from British Columbia, Canada into New Mexico, U.S.A.  They are a western mountain range whose highest mountain peak is Mount Elbert which reaches an impressive 14,440 feet above sea level.  There are several American ski resorts in the Rockies, from Alaska all the way to California. 

(2)   The Appalachian Mountains -  The Appalachians occupy a huge east coast area in North America, ranging from several Canadian provinces down into the United States. Several outstanding ski resort locations  in the Appalachians can be found in North Carolina, New Jersey and Maine, among plenty of others. The resorts are luxurious and many of them accommodate families, as well as couples and singles.



If Europe is your thing, there are many countries famous for their ski resorts and weather conditions. Three of them include:

(1)  Switzerland – at the top of everyone’s list.  Some of their most popular resorts include Davos, Gstaad, Wengen and Zermatt. 

(2)  Sweden – These resorts offer cross country skiing in the park to alpine downhill.  The resorts are very popular and offer very comfortable accommodations.

(3)  French Alps – for a romantic and energetic getaway try the French Alps.  The Alps are comprised of three ski ranges, Mont d’Arbois, Rochbrune and Le Jaillet. The ski runs cut through trees and skiing is offered for all levels of skiing ability.

Christmas ski holidays may not be the cheapest item on your itinerary this year but certainly you are bound to enjoy the Christmas break hitting the gorgeous slopes, shopping at local villages and relaxing by cheery fires and sipping apple cider when the day is done.

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