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Christmas has always been a time for family and friends to reunite and share a little joy together. It’s a precious time, especially if people haven’t seen one another in a long time. Some folks prefer to travel away from family however to exotic locales or hotter climes. Either way travel costs should work sensibly into your budget and especially during the holiday season. There are ways to cut costs during Christmas travel but you have to be diligent enough to find them. Consider some of the following ideas and try to apply them to your travel plans. Last minute travel packages are a great way to save money.

Sometimes you can score big and save up to 40% on flight and hotels, a phenomenal savings deal. Some travel agencies specialize in these discounts in fact and they are worthy of investigating further. Try The Last Minute Club. A Canadian travel agency they deal exclusively with returned travel packages by customers who cannot use them for various reasons. They way it works is this: a customer purchases a percentage of the package up front and usually it is quite steep. Then for whatever reason the customer decides not to take the vacation but they have to forgo the money already invested in this package.



The Last Minute Club steps in, purchases the package from the customer and resells it as a significant discount to anyone who cannot afford buying a new travel package.
Pros: A significantly discounted travel deal.
Cons: Very little or no choice in your travel destination. Whatever is available at the time you book your holiday is the only choice you have.

Yahoo! Travel. Yahoo Travel is a forum that advertises for travel agencies offering great discount travel packages to destinations anywhere in the world. Some listed agencies include Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, and Hotwire.
Pros: Lots of options.
Cons: Lots of research required.

Vacations to Go boasts that it can save up to 75% on last minute cruises. Established in 1984, this agency offers their 90-day-ticker, a menu offering last-minute international cruises. Unlike the Last Minute Club they have Early Bird Specials where you can book your vacation well in advance yet still save a bundle.
Lots of options.
Cons: Lots of research required.

Cheap Tickets – A proprietary air fair shopping center that finds the cheapest travel packages online possible for its customers. It prevents consumers from having to hop from website to website looking for deals.
Pros: Lots of options.
Cons: You may not find quite the deal you had hoped for.

There are many more online travel agencies that specialize in cheap travel during any time of year.  Try typing “discount travel” or “cheap travel” in your search engine and you’ll find plenty more. And one is all you need to fit your Christmas holiday budget.

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Holiday Travel Tips for the Tight Budget
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