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Lapland Holidays

* Lapland Akaslompolo
* Lapland Levi
* Lapland Resorts
* Lapland Saariselka
* Lapland Yllasjarvi
* Lapland - Ruka
* Christmas in Lovely Lapland
* Christmas in Home of Santa Claus
Christmas Lapland holidays -
If you're looking Lapland holidays, look no further! Lapland is the case with Christmas dreams. It's not only a magical winter deep inside the Arctic Circle. when you will find Santa Claus and his loyal team of elves, whose mission is to spread happiness and pleasure throughout the festive season.

frozen Imagine dashing through the woodlands on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, a slide or a snowmobile. You have a chance to fall on Santa, who has a gift for everyone. And at the end of the day, you can relax on a hot drink around a fire. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the spectacular aurora borealis!

we have more than 15 offers  in organizing Lapland adventures for children of all ages. You can choose from Lapland day trips, 3 and 4 nights or 5 nights of Christmas and New Year travel. Included are suits and ski boots, luge, husky, reindeer and snowmobile rides, a trip to Santa  Post Office and a gift for everyone!

Give your children the best Christmas present of all - where a trip to Santa makes it all happen. For the Christmas holidays look no further Lapland and Ready, steady, snow!

     lapland holidays - christmas


There are three wonderful resort for you to decide : Saariselksa, Levi or Yllasjarvii for the best in fun for everyone if you are a family, or group of friends!

Polar lights - most beautiful show of nature

This is staggering on the beauty, gripping spirit spectacle. It can continue from several hours to several days. Answer to a question, however, that this such, first found Mikhail Lomonosov. After conducting countless number of experiments, it assumed about electrical nature of this phenomenon. Scientists, who continued the study of this phenomenon, on the basis of experiences confirmed the correctness of its hypothesis. They filled hollow tubes with nitrogen, neon, hydrogen, argon and other rarefied gases, passing through them electric current. Each gas shone (it fluoresced) differently. Then it was established that the glow of the rarefied gases occurs in the upper part of the atmosphere - to ionosphere (at the height from 80 to 1 000 km). Close connection with the activity of the activity of the sun was also revealed. When explosions occur on it, into the ionosphere of the Earth the charged particles are fixed (corpuscle). Encountering with the particles of the rarefied gases, which are located in the ionosphere, they force them to shine: the more active the sun, the polar the radiance covers the larger space of the firmament. This phenomenon is especially strong in the period of the maximum of 11- summer solar cycle.


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