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Lapland resembles those Christmas card pictures that feature log cabins covered by snowflakes and reindeer grazing in the polar twilight. It is a beautiful place surrounded by snow-covered pine trees and warm with the welcome of log fires. It is s stunning holiday destination as the cold and the scenic beauty promises to thrill and rejuvenate one.

The beautiful resorts that Lapland can boast of:

a) Inari: Inari is a beautiful village enjoying almost a central position in the Arctic Circle. It touches Samiland and Northern Lapland. It is a short distance away from Ivalo and Saariselka.

christmas b) Hetta: Hetta has two holiday villages that boast of superior quality log cabins equipped with all modern amenities. Apart from that it has a large number of luxurious cabins fit for single accommodation. The majority of the available holiday accommodation is situated along the beautiful Lake Ounas. Most of them provide travelers with canoes, x-country skis, bikes or rowing boats on rent. Winter offers enthusiasts with almost 200 km of ski trails. 7 out of these 200 km are brilliantly lighted.

Hikers are spoilt for choice as the numerous mountain biking and hiking options delight them. The nature trails are also luring.

c) Akaslompolo: This is a picturesque village on the north of the Yllas fell. This village has views of stunning natural beauty. The huge lake in the center of the village bustles with activities. The Yllas skiing fell distributes itself between two villages. Of all the beautiful resorts of Lapland, Akaslompolo stands out as the home of unmarred nature and soothing tranquility.

The wonderful atmosphere, the challenging activities and the glimpses of Lappish culture make it a favorite among vacationers.


d) Harriniva: Spread along the coast of the river, the wilderness of Harriniva boasts of beautiful natural scenes. Harriniva has the Arctic Circle on its south.

Besides the stunning scenes around, the activities like reindeer sleigh rides delight travelers. The sky of Harriniva is lit with the Northern Lights and the stars. The landscape remains covered with beautiful white snow. The atmosphere is merry with fresh and crisp cool air. The accommodation situated on the coast of the adorable Muonjonjoki River will delight visitors. Harriniva gives one the opportunity of seeing herds of huskies from a very small distance. A few lucky visitors might even end up playing with some of them.

The husky or the reindeer sleigh ride is great fun and it becomes more memorable as one gets to meet dear old Santa Claus at the end of it.

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