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The tiny Lappish village of Yllasjarvi is a conventional log cabin resort. The charming wilderness surrounds this popular skiing center. It has a large number of slopes for skiers of all standards. It also boasts of an English-medium ski school. The favorite Christmas holiday destination has myriads of activities to offer, namely, reindeer and husky sleigh rides, snowmobile rides and tobogganing. It is a paradise for kids too as they can engage themselves in numerous fun activities and can also meet Santa Claus.

Yllasjarvi offers various kinds of accommodations namely, the Yllasrinne Hotel and the Yllas Luxury Cabins. The latter are log cabins that cater to a larger population of vacationers and are situated at only a small distance from the hotel.

Christmas To reach Yllasjarvi, one needs to board a flight to Kittila from London. Before checking into the Yllasjarvi accommodation, one must gather special thermal attire that will be needed for the next few days. After reaching the accommodation and having lunch, one can venture for a husky safari before the afternoon gets over. This safari will only be enjoyable if adequate warm clothing has been worn. It will be better to end the first day of the stay early after having dinner.

The next day, the vacationers can visit a reindeer farm. Loads of fun-filled winter activities can entertain visitors of all ages, at that place. The enthusiastic children can go for a reindeer ride in the snow-clad forest and can finally end up in the herdsman’s cabin.

There will be ample scope for fun as everybody can enjoy snowballing, skiing, tobogganing and kick sledging. The kids can make Christmas adornments and can bake cookies and buns. Amidst all these enjoyment, lunch can be had any time, as it will be served in the farm all day long. You and your family may be guided to a nearby Kota, which is a tepee where Santa is believed to be taking a break. Lucky children can even get gifts from the fat old man.

On the way back to the accommodation, some shopping for memoirs and souvenirs can be completed. A sumptuous Christmas dinner will be the perfect way to end the action-packed day.


The next morning can be spent in a relaxed manner enjoying the chilly winds and the picturesque scenes. Later in the day, a snowmobile safari through the snow-clad forests and the beautiful landscape can be a memorable experience.

Thus Yllasjarvi has a cheerful ambience that matches the spirit of the Christmas season perfectly and lingers in the vacationers’ minds for long.

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