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The Time to Ring the Bell: The meaning of Christmas Holidays

A bluish glow and the Nature wearing a blanket of snow weaving the silence and beauty together… This is what Christmas is all about! May be the truth is partial and there are other things to be considered. It is in fact a time to get together with family members and friends, a time to cherish some rare moments of happiness in the midst of gifts and ringing bells! Nothing can be better than a Christmas holiday to spend the time together.  

A holiday outing with the family and friends in exotic destinations can rejuvenate your soul and body. Shredding off the humdrum hullaballoo of the gizmos and gadgets, what you will look for is the serenity of the nature and sodality of happiness with the soul.

Warm hugs, smiling faces, gifts, foods & drinks and many more, are the things associated with Christmas. To summarize, it is the idea of togetherness, the idea of union of your true self with pristine happiness!

A Christmas holiday is not a time to take the shortcuts of the monotonous life but to speak your heart out and embrace every single moment of joy-celestial, love-eternal.


It is a time to pray, a time to love, a time to play, a time to smile, a time to do whatever you want to do but cannot.

Redefined life with a new motive to smile is the very essence of Christmas and Christmas holiday is the perfect time to reach out to the others and spread the glee. But, how will you enjoy may be a question for you. Exchanging gifts and engaging in parties is the best way to so.

You can also move out of the busy life to a calm place and spend time with your family and friends. You can also spend some time with winter games like skiing and snowboarding.

The Santa is around the corner and the bells are ringing on the eve of Christmas. It is the perfect time to reincarnate your soul.


It is neither the showering of the fairy dust or the glittering trail of the magic wand that will take you to the ‘brook’ of dreams. Nor can it be the drizzle of stars on the earth that will give you celestial joy! Christmas holiday is all about your own ecstasy of body and soul!


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