Holidays to Turkey

visit site here: Istanbul itself is a marvelous site to visit in Turkey and if passing through the place one must never miss the chance of getting the flavor of the place. Moreover hotels like Witt suites are situated on the top of the mountain which makes the transportation to these a bit of the adventure itself. And then there are bridges which worse the situation. Passing through Galata Bridge in a wild whipping blizzard makes a person always pray that they just be on the other side alive. Then there are fishing boats with red and blue neon lights sailing across harbor and selling the famous fried fish in bun. One can sit beneath the tarpaulin and enjoy tea with the buns in the freezing weather. The weather is too cold to hang out outside for a prolong period but still it has its own charm. The Erzurum ski area in Palandoken has an elevation of about 3125 m making it turkeys highest peak and steepest as well. The skiing season here is from October to May. The city near it once used to be a Silk Road city, had quite a few mosque. Turkey Holidays for more. About Turkey: Holidays to Turkey

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